Lantern Pro Reseller

Lantern Pro Reseller Program
To enable more people to access Lantern, we offer the Lantern Reseller Program. Individuals and organizations can become a Lantern Reseller by bulk purchasing Lantern Pro account activation codes and distributing or selling them to those who need Lantern Pro.

When your bulk purchase is complete, you will receive a Lantern Pro Account Activation Code for each account you have purchased. These codes will appear in the "Past Purchases" tab, and are the codes you can distribute. A user with a code can login to Lantern Pro within the Lantern application, and link up to three devices (Desktop or Android). Lantern Pro Account time begins when the end user activates their account. You are responsible for helping end users use the activation key, but the redemption process is documented in the Knowledge Base: Upgrade to Lantern Pro With Code. The activation key has the format of: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

All Sales are final. If you have any questions please contact Sign up at

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