How to Download Lantern or Update to Newest Version

Many connectivity issues can be solved by upgrading your Lantern application to the latest version (see our Status Page for details). Upgrades can usually be made from within the app. Alternatively, you may download by Direct Download, the Lantern Website, or GitHub. Desktop versions of Lantern should update automatically, but downloading the latest version from the links below may help if there are connectivity issues that prevent the automatic update. If issues persist, try to remove or uninstall prior versions before reinstalling.

Direct Download
Android - download
MacOS - download
Linux (32 bit) - download
Linux (64 bit) - download
Windows - download

Lantern Website
Download the latest versions directly from

See the source code, or access beta releases, alternate downloads, and the latest versions from GitHub.

Even when other sites are blocked, it is still possible to receive a copy directly via email. To receive the latest binary, send a blank message to either of the following email addresses:

If your app store has blocked Lantern, see: How to Install Lantern on iOS in Restricted Country or Region.
Creation date: 10/3/2022 6:24 PM      Updated: 3/22/2023 12:22 PM
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