About Discover

What is “Discover”?

Discover is a feature which allows users to easily Search as well as Upload content. It allows access to censored content on popular sites like YouTube, while it also enables someone to safely and anonymously upload content, without leaving any metadata, to share with the world.

It bolsters Internet freedom by offering a wide range of searchable decentralized censorship-resistant content uploaded to the Lantern network. 

It lets users Stay anonymous: Often described as a decentralized SecureDrop, Lantern’s Discover protects the privacy and security of its publishers and users by working over a reliable and untraceable connection to BitTorrent.

How does “Discover” work?

Discover uses the BitTorrent protocol to enable a peer-to-peer decentralized transfer of files over the Internet. Blocking this protocol is computationally very expensive, given the widespread use of BitTorrent for software updates and other functionalities across the Web.

Knowledge of how BitTorrent works is not required: we don't ask end-users to install BitTorrent clients. Furthermore, Lantern replicates content in case other peers are not reachable or are blocked, so that access to content is always available.

Users may upload any content: text, images, videos, apps, pdf files, and so on and share Lantern links with each other, for example, through social networks. Users can also easily delete their uploaded content.

Note: that “Discover” is currently available on Desktop and Android.

Creation date: 9/20/2022 4:49 PM      Updated: 9/20/2022 4:52 PM
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